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3 Must Have Mac Apps

3 Must Have Mac Apps

Here at Web Recepti, we are not restricting our information solely on personal computers and/or the Windows platform. Doing so would alienate the entire computing audience, so we chose not to do that. Besides, we already have plenty of readers viewing via Mac OS over Windows or Linux. So our first blog post will be about some of the must-have Mac apps you should have installed on your computer, MacBook or Mac Air.

There already so many good first party apps already installed on the vanilla version of Mac OS. These were put in by the outstanding dev team of Apple software. However, we cannot just limit ourselves to these first party apps. We cannot do this especially because there are so many plenty of other third-party apps that exist out there that can help you in productivity, entertainment, or just general notetaking, tasking, or reminding. Here are my favorite Mac apps to install on the very first day of a new device.


This third-party app has a sole purpose of converting files to other file types. This could be any file type, whether you’re trying to convert a picture file into a different picture file (a JPEG into a PNG, for example) or an audio file into a different audio file. This is extremely important if you are a power user such as myself, when you’re dealing with a bunch of file types. Because file types are not ever universal between computers, or other devices, it’s very useful to have Adapter installed on your computer for when you need to convert. I specially like to download it on the very first day because as of recently Mac OS has shown no signs of supporting such file converters as Adapter. Besides, Adapter is easily the best third-party file converter available on the market, and the best part is that it’s free.

VLC Media Player

I’m sure plenty of you have already heard of this application, whether you’ve already installed it on Mac or you have it downloaded on your Windows computer. This just goes to show how popular and useful VLC really is. VLC seems like the only program out there that can truly play any video or audio file, even those that are typically played on computers. These files either don’t run well on Windows computer, which will hinder your ability to transfer files between your Windows computer and your Mac computer, or they simply won’t run it all on your Mac computer. VLC solves that problem by transcoding on the go, which allows it to let you play virtually any video file available. There are also a ton of other useful features, like converting certain files within the app itself. If you don’t have it, you need to get it if you download and watch videos on your computer. This may not be as useful if the majority of your video streaming or consumption happens on streaming websites such as Amazon prime, Netflix, or Hulu. It’s also free to download at their official website.


Flux is a different kind of application. You don’t really use it, as much as it is a setting for your computer. It allows your computer to change its screen setting so that when it is dark outside it increases the blue colors of your screen. Why might you want to do that? Studies have shown numerous times that the computer light coming from your screen, phone, or other devices strain your eyes after continuous hours of use. This also makes it extremely hard to fall asleep at night, which is what f.lux specializes in. Allowing more blue light in, especially when it gets dark outside and the contrast is harsher on your eyes gives you less fatigue when you’re working and eventually gives you more productivity. The app, similar to the rest of the list, is free to download.

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