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3 Tricks Most People Don’t Know About in MacOS Sierra

3 Tricks Most People Don’t Know About in MacOS Sierra

We’ve covered Mac software before in one of our older posts, but this post we will discuss some helpful things you can do within MacOS that most people don’t know about.

You may have been using Mac OS Sierra for as long as it’s been in beta or even money came out fresh to the public. However, there are a few tricks that you might still not have learned and might serve completely useful to you for productivity or just for novelty.

Bringing back tabs on Safari

Safari has been considered a mediocre and inferior browser for the longest time. Mac users have been aware this for years. However, Apple has been revamping the browser to compete with the top programs in class for years now. One example is a change they implemented within the browser that’s new in Mac OS Sierra. If you close a tab accidentally, you can bring it back immediately by pressing shift, command, and the T all at the same time. There is hardly any downtime between closing the app and reopening it again. This is because the operating system is trained to keep close tabs available in quick memory, or ram for sure, in case you actually need to bring it back. This also works for when you accidentally close multiple tabs at one time. Just press the same combination several times until all the tabs that you’ve closed come back. It almost works like magic!

Note: the same function works even if you close the entire browser. Simply open up Safari again, use a combination shift plus the T and all the tabs from your previous session should be restored.

Collaborating on notes app

Very few people actually used iSuites app on Mac. But people do actually use the notes app, which is very popular within the desktop operating system as well as IOS. One neat thing about the notes app, is that you can collaborate with anyone else that has an iCloud account. This means in with an iPhone can collaborate on your note within your iPhone app. What’s hitting about this is you can use the same trick on Mac OS; it’s not just limited to the mobile versions. To collaborate with someone on the notes app within Mac OS Sierra, click on the little person icon next to the share icon which is just parallel to the search bar within the notes app. This will allow you to share your note with anyone that has an iCloud account. Use this nifty little trick for when you want to collaborate with someone on smaller based notes. It’s still best to use Google Drive or Google docs for collaborating on bigger pieces of content.

Siri on Mac OS

Siri has a bad reputation on mobile phones, simply because it cannot match “okay Google”. However, most people don’t know that Siri is actually baked inside the Mac operating system, specifically Sierra. The best thing about this is that Siri on Mac actually works well. To launch Siri, all you need to do is use of keyboard shortcut combination command and space.

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