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Get Yourself An SSD

Get Yourself An SSD

If you’re anything close to the world of PCs, you might’ve heard all of the buzz regarding SSDs, otherwise known as solid-state drives. These are relatively simple devices but if you are unaware of how they work, let us briefly explain it to you. So hard drives work to store your files, photos, and videos. When it is processing them, for instance when you are moving files from one folder to another or you are running program, there are parts within the hard drive that actually physically move, causing a slower computer. In solid-state drives, there are no actual physical moving parts. This resulted less noise, and significantly faster processing speeds for files. Don’t get this confused with a faster processor, as even the slowest processors won’t be able to process files as quickly and as powerfully even with a solid-state drive installed.


But you need to get yourself a solid-state drive. Why’s that? That’s because it is the one upgrade that is the easiest, and perhaps the most cost-effective that you can have for your computer. Buying a new processor can get expensive, not to mention that you might have to purchase a new motherboard for compatibility. Purchasing a graphics card for better video performance is also relatively expensive, even if you sell your old one. Even getting a new stick of RAM can be costly and not even significantly improve your computer’s performance. However, if you buy a solid-state drive and install your operating system on it, everything just runs extremely quickly. File stored within your SSD is transferred within folders in minutes, your Windows software generally run smoother, and games installed inside an SSD load much quicker.


You can buy SSD’s basically anywhere that the so computer hardware. This is like Walmart, Amazon, or even eBay are great places to look for solid-state drives. Make sure you don’t get a used one, though. We generally like to not stick with used hard drives just because it is very difficult to figure out how used the hard drive is and how much life it has left. You don’t even need to buy an expensive solid-state drive, has even the smallest drives can store entirety of the Windows operating system. I’ve seen people build their computers with only a 70 GB solid-state drive and installed a regular 300 GB hard drive on the side to store their actual files. The operating system would go on to 70 GB solid-state drive and any other files such as photos, videos, or video games go on the 300 GB hard drive. This works as a nice system for budget gamers as they can have a speedy computer with a smooth operating system while also being able to store files on a bigger scale. This works even if you are gamer, especially if you use a computer for work and school. A faster operating system means more work done in a smaller amount of time. You no longer have to wait for your OS to complete the task with a SSD. Keep in mind again though that the rest of your computer has to be up to par. Get yourself a decent processor, sizable RAM, and an SSD drive and you should be set for faster computing.

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